Rewinch is an electric action sports winch that fits in your backpack


Meet Rewinch. The Fastest & Lightest Electric Winch Ever Created

(and so small and portable, it will fit inside your backpack)

Electric winch (12kW+ up to 37mph and 650lbs-force) - Rewinch M1
  • Performance

    Get 20-30 rewinches on a single battery charge. Easy deep water starts with over 295kg (650lbs) pulling force.

  • All-Round

    Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or pro, enjoy a consistent pull at any set speed between 0-80km/h (50mph).

  • Reliable

    Made for the cold and heat using marine grade materials. Maintenance free to use anywhere, anytime.

  • Portable

    Airline approved and travel friendly. At only 15kg (30lbs), turn any spot into a Rewinch playground.

This Is What Rewinch Is All About

Find a spot, mount rewinch, have some pulls, backpack it up and get ready for the next session!

Ride. Rewinch. Ride. Repeat.

Whether you are a wakeboarder, snowboarder, kite surfer, cable skier, wake skater, snow skater, foiler, skateboarder, bmx rider, mountain biker, paraglider or even a parent who wants to pull their kids around on a sled, Rewinch is made for you: Easy to use, a lot of fun, and will instantly turn any spot into a playground of potential.

The Nuts & Bolts

- Rewinch is the world's lightest and fastest action sports electric winch
- Rope towing capacity: 200m to 800m
- Top speed (standard): 40km/h (25mph)
- Top speed (with speed mod): up to 80km/h (50mph)
- Pulling force: up to 295kg (650lbs) for easy deep water start
- Smooth and consistent pulls from start to end (±3% linear set speed)
- Rewinch wireless remote packed with tech and safety features
- From 20 to 30+ rides on a single 50 minutes battery charge
- Modular and fully upgradable hardware
- Bi-directional capable with 1R2D add-on (your portable system 2.0)
- Overall size: 350x350x155mm (14x14x6in)
- Weight: 15kg (30lbs) and fits in a backpack 

  • All Year Round Rewinching

    Rewinch is season proof winching. In winter, snowboard uphill to session a drop or tow into a street feature. In summer, wakeboard at the beach or surf in a creek. There's endless spots, endless riding and endless fun with rewinch.

  • Unlimited Mounting Options

    Bolted to the floor, fixed on the wall, a stake in the ground, use sandbags, a strap around a tree, or even under a car. Vertically, horizontally or upsidedown? These are just some of the options to anchor Rewinch.

  • Tangle-Free Operation

    Spend more time having fun and no time dealing with tangled cables thanks to Rewinch's specially designed internals and roller-fairlead. Rewinch's revolutionary design also allows Rewinch to be used horizontally and vertically so you can set up a session anywhere.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Rewinch is an open hardware project. Existing Rewinch riders benefit from several other open-source ecosystems that are helping to improve Rewinch. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates when upgrades and accessories are released.

Ready To Be Rewinched?