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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use it?
Secure the rewinch, plug in the battery and winch.

Can it pull me out of the deep water like a boat?

Do I need to strap it onto something before riding?
Yes, rewinch needs to be securely fixed and we offer several attachment options. Please check our Instagram highlight "101 ways" to see sevral mounting examples.

How does remote throttle work?
Held by the rewinch operator and it connects to the rewinch via bluetooth and works up to 30 meter (100 ft.) distance to rewinch.

Remote throttle for rider?
Yes! With rewinch rider remote, sold as an an accessory, you can go on solo mission and drive rewinch yourself. It's fully waterproof, attachable to any handle and have some advances features.

How long is the rope?
300 meters (1000 ft.) or upgrade to 400 meters (1312 ft.).

How many times can I ride on a battery pack fully charged?
20+ pulls (at 300m). However it depends on many factors, rider-weight, speed, riding-style, deep-water or shallow-water starts, etc. However an average wakeboard rider 85kg (190lbs) can do around 20+ pulls (300m) on one fully charged battery-pack. With our charger, the standard battery pack can be charged between 90 and 120 min. Rewinch charger will charge all 4 batteries at once and also the wireless remote.

Portable? Total weight?
Rewinch is 15 kg (30 lbs). The battery-pack has its own little bag and the weight is 2 kg (4,5 lbs) and connects with a cable to the
rewinch. In our backpack you can bring all you need to run rewinch.

What is the maximum speed?
Standard Rewinch comes with a setting of up to 42 km/h. With the upgradeable speed-bundle you can change torque for speed and reach over 85 km/h.

How strong is the rope?
480+kg breaking point (more than enough).

Can I bring it on a commercial airline?
Yes. The rewinch can be checked-in as luggage. And batteries under 100 wh are allowed as hand luggage.

Can I use standard car batteries?
Yes, you need 4x minimum 85Ah and the custom car-battery adapter.

Service and warranty?
There are several videos on how to service and replace parts on your rewinch on YouTube, social media group, etc.  Rewinch, all accessories and parts are sold at production cost with purpose to grow the sport of winching and it comes with standard hobby-grade products warranty (1 year for manufacturing defects and 6 months for batteries). Special conditions may apply for items considered as consumables (as ropes and other items). All parts are easy to maintain and or replace when needed. The Rewinch M1 ESC hardware and firmware is based on VESC® opensource codes/schematics and can be upgraded by the same opensource software. Modifying the firmware or software settings without our consent and written permission will void the warranty.

Water & electricity?
Rewinch is low-voltage 48 Volt DC. Rewinch is the same voltage as many RC-toys for children and considered a safe voltage that does not kill humans. Avoid connecting and disconnecting batteries with wet-hands. Do not immerse under water.

If there is civilians on/around your spot be aware of the rope. Be aware to not get tangled in the rope, rewinch pulls the rope with great force(!). If something goes wrong pull the power cable out.

What do I need to buy to ride?
A rewinch, battery bundle, the power cable and a charger. You will also need rope and some mountings. Other accessories are nice to have but not a must to run.

What payment options are available?
We currently offer bank wire transfers and credit card payments (Visa/MasterCard).

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