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Operator’s Wireless Remote

Operator’s Wireless Remote

Operator’s Wireless Remote


Control rewinch from distance without any cables with the operator’s wireless remote

Technical Specs:

- Changeable speed modes (beginner, advanced and pro)
Cruise control mode*
Rewinch and wireless remote battery level indicator LED
Ergonomic grip and soft touch
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Wrist strap
Up to 30m wireless operating range**


Main Operation modes:

Manual Mode: Press the throttle forward from 0 to 100% to define the speed and the acceleration at all throttle range;

Rope Pre-tension: Press the throttle back from 0 to 80% position/range to stretch the rope (rewinch will collect the rope slowly to create tension);

Auto Deep Water Start: Press throttle back from 80 to 100% position/range for the speed to ramp up until it reaches the defined max speed. This speed is kept until the throttle is released.


What's included:
- 1x wireless remote
- 1x USB charging cable

*Pressing any button will stop cruise control mode. Rewinch currently does not have “cable end sensors”. If using cruise control mode, please take special attention to the cable end, to avoid getting the handle hitting rewinch at high speed and braking the cable/handle.
** Range can vary due environment and surroundings. If you experience cuts of power or latency, make sure you get closer to rewinch