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Rewinch Pack

$3,350.00 $3,495.00 saving $145.00
rewinch action sports electric winch for wakeboard and snowboard

Rewinch Pack

$3,350.00 $3,495.00 saving $145.00

Rewinch is designed for the wakeboarder, snowboarder, wake and snow skater, skimboarder, surfer, skater and anyone in action sports who likes the feeling of being strapped to a rocket.

Rewinch is for everyone. The beginner who is wanting to learn how to wakeboard or learn to kite surf, the intermediate rider progressing their tricks or technique, the pro turning an unachievable spot into a playground of hang time and new ideas... or even just a bunch of friends and family wanting to have a lot of fun in the snow with sleds!


Rewinch Electric Winch
- Rewinch Power Cable
- Rewinch Tow-Handle
- Rewinch operator's wireless remote throttle
- Rewinch 300 meter (1000 ft.) of cable
- Rewinch highly juiced Battery Pack
- Rewinch Battery Case
- Rewinch Battery Smart Charger
- Rewinch Charger Cable Adapter
- Rewinch Custom Military grade Backpack
- Rewinch Straps and Plates
- Rewinch Base Plates
- Rewinch Tools, Spare Parts and Sticker Pack
- Rewinch Manual 

Rewinch Specs

Learn more about our little pocket rocket below:

rewinch action sports electric winch for wakeboard and snowboard
  • Insane Max Speed

    Without mods, get 40 km/h (25 mph) and deep-water start easily with 295 kg pulling force.
    With speed mods, get up to 82km/h (50mph).

  • Feather Light Power

    Pull something as light as a feather or even pull 295kg of feathers with our insane power density ratio.

  • Travel Approved

    Our batteries are airline approved and built to withstand 20+ pulls in deep water before a new charge or a change over of batteries. 

  • Dimensions & Weights

    Weight: 15 kg / 30 lbs (Light enough for any travel or a fast getaway).
    Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 20 cm / 13 x 13 x 6 in (small enough to fit in a back pack)