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Do you need more torque or more speed for your application or sport? By selecting different gear trains you can make your rewinch suitable for any activity! And switch back and forth every time you want!

Planning on snowboarding session at high speed and some big jumps? High speed mode is for you! Do you want to use it for standard wakeboarding and have that extra torque for deep water start learning? The high torque will help you building up skills easily.

And, if you want to have that extra bit of adrenaline or pull that extra heavy cart or do vertical lifts, the customized electronics can boost you over 80km/h or give you torque capacity to pull incredible 800kg!

HIGH TORQUE: 30km/h (18mph), pulling force 225kg (495lbs) - 410kg peak
STANDARD: 40km/h (25mph), pulling force 165kg (365lbs) - 295kg peak*
MEDIUM SPEED: 50km/h (31mph), pulling force 130kg (285lbs) - 230kg peak
HIGH SPEED: 60km/h (37mph), pulling force 100kg (220lbs) - 190kg peak

SUPER HIGH TORQUE:  15km/h (10mph), pulling force 800kg (1800lbs) **
SUPER HIGH SPEED: >90km/h (55mph), pulling force 65kg (143lbs) **


* Standard gears are always included with rewinch.
** Super high torque and super high speed requires custom built. Contact us to check availability.