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Straps and Plates

Straps and Plates

Straps and Plates


Primary mounting type:
Strapping, warp around objects

Where to use it:
Threes, poles or pillars

Preferred mounting position on rewinch:
Upper or lower back side
Upper or lower front side

How to assemble it:
- Use two hex key (5mm) and remove the side nuts and the cross threaded rods
Mount the strap brackets, put back the cross threaded rods and tight the nuts
Pass the straps through the slots, warp the straps around the fixed object and pull tight the straps to hold rewinch
Please take special attention to the power cable, so it will not be squeezed against the mounting object and the back of rewinch while tightening the straps

What's included:
- 4x strap plates
- 2x 25mm width and 2.5m long straps with quick cam buckle