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1R2D (bi-directional add-on)

1R2D (bi-directional add-on)

1R2D (bi-directional add-on)


1R2D (1 rewinch, 2 directions) is an add-on (upgrade) to use a Rewinch in two directions (bi-directional) so you can setup your own "portable 2.0 cable park" anywhere.

How to use it:
- Find a nice place where you can have two distant anchor points, up to 200m
- Install rewinch as you normally do for single rides in one end (A)
- Install the reversing pulley on the other end (B) using the provided straps
- Place the carrier on the line, tight the straps, hook the handle and be ready for endless fun!

How to operate it:
- Use the wireless operator remote as you normally do to go from A to B
- To go B to A, just press the reverse button on the wireless remote

What's included:
- 1x reverse pulley
- 1x handle carrier
- 1x spool mod (to be installed inside rewinch)
- 1x fairlead mod

To take the best advantages of 1R2D, try to find anchor points that are higher/above rider's head. This way you can have the best riding experience and the closest feeling of a standard cable park.